PESHAWAR – Transports, operating between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Sunday threatened to go on wheel-jam strike against alleged illegal taxes (extortion money) being collected by the police and personnel of Khasadar force at Torkham gate on Pak-Afghan border. They demanded an immediate end these illegal taxes.

The demand was made at a joint meeting of transporters from Pakistan and Afghanistan held with All Pakistan Transporters Association President Malik Khwaja Mohammad Mohmand. Representatives of different unions of transporters also attended the meeting.

They criticised Peshawar police and personnel of Khasadar force for charging extortion money at toll plazas upon entering into Afghanistan at Torkham gate. They said they had gone fed up with the practice demanding action against the responsible. They alleged an official from Afghanistan at Torkham border Mohammad Gul and his men of charging Rs10,000 to Rs15,000 as illegal tax(extortion money) from drivers and those who refused were harassed.  They also threatened to launch a series of protest demonstrations if the issue was not taken up by the two neighbouring countries to end the illegal taxes being collected from the transporter.

Besides the illegal taxes issue, the participants of the meeting also discussed several other issues faced by the transporters. They said they wanted free trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan and called for removing all barriers in this regard.