ISLAMABAD - The US sponsored Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan has failed to make any significant progress despite efforts by the US and Afghan government.

‘There has been zero progress ever since Afghan government launched a homegrown initiative supported both by the US and Pakistan to strike a political deal with various groups including Taliban’, sources told The Nation.

From Pakistan’s perspective, Islamabad is still waiting for Kabul to share details if any of the progress Afghan government has made in wooing away any major resistance groups including Taliban fighting the US-led multinational forces to leave their country.

‘We have no knowledge of the progress Afghan government has made in this connection’, a senior Pakistani diplomat said while requesting anonymity.

Meanwhile, sources close to some of the key groups have once again rejected the appeal of the Afghanistan government for international help to boost talks with these groups including Afghan Taliban.

This refusal by the Opposition groups has come despite the fact that the Afghan government recently put forward Saudi Arabia or Turkey as the best places to set up a Taliban liaison office abroad to enable peace talks to end the devastating 10-year insurgency.

Despite the US and Afghan government claims, security lapses in Afghanistan has seen phenomenal rise over the past few months as there had been nearly 800 civilians deaths in Afghanistan over the past three months.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy spokesperson in Islamabad Mark Stroh has refused to share the details of any progress with regard to reconciliation process in Afghanistan, and instead asked to approach Afghan government for its input.

He admitted that Pakistan has key role to play in the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process to end the decade long violence in Afghanistan and emphasised that US wishes to have enduring relations with Pakistan.