IT is the ultimate misguided airport romantic gesture. A woman allegedly called in a bomb threat to prevent her husband getting on a plane from Los Angeles to Atlanta, where she believed he was to visit his mistress.

In a last ditch attempt to save her marriage of 30 years, Johnna Woolfolk called AirTran Airways and said her husband was carrying a bomb, the FBI said. But her romantic gesture didn't quite work out like the movies.  Woolfolk's husband, who was intercepted at the airport, explained he was having marital problems, the Torrance Daily Breeze reported. She has now been charged with providing false and misleading information.

Woolfolk broke down in tears after authorities replayed her conversation with the AirTran operator, according to FBI Special Agent David Gates. 'She stated that she was not thinking, she did not want to hurt anyone and did not want to cause harm,' Gates wrote in an affidavit.                                –MO