The quest for justice and rule of law in Pakistan remains elusive. The key stakeholders of the administration of justice, particularly, our lawyers have to understand that justice cannot be administered without their sincere and active cooperation. Paying only lip service to the duty to cooperate isn’t good enough. However, a positive cultural change to the conduct of litigation is required in the community generally, although it must necessarily be led by courts and lawyers.

Our courts and especially lawyers must learn to think constructively from an early stage of dispute resolution about the real issues in a case and how they may be resolved without resorting to lengthy litigation and if litigation is unavoidable, how it may most conveniently be conducted. The judicial training academies including the Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad and the provincial academies, among others, need to promote such thinking, sensitization and culture so that justice and rule of law may not remain elusive in this country.


Islamabad, December 20.