A powerful bomb exploded in old Sabzi Mandi area of Karachi on the night of December 20 which according to police was planted in a motorcycle. Authorities believe that former SHO of Mauripur, Sub Inspector Shafiq Tanoli was the target. Two people were killed and twenty people, including some policemen, were injured. As the details of explosion were still pouring in, some television channels demonstrated total unprofessional attitude and immaturity by declaring Shafiq Tanoli amongst the dead which later turned out to be incorrect.

To be the first one to report a ‘breaking news’, television channels at times cross norms of professionalism. Imagine the mental torture his family, relatives, friends and colleagues must have gone through after hearing about his death just because some smart and over enthusiastic reporter jumped to conclusions. None of the TV channels apologized for airing wrong information.


Karachi, December 22.