John Kerry, Foreign Secretary of USA remarked, at the conclusion of Gen. Raheel’s visit, to USA that only Pakistan Army is the unifying force in Pakistan. He has hit the nail on the head by speaking a glaring truth as our army is the only force that can be described free of provincial biases and dynastic tendencies that are rampant amongst our politicians of different hues, who do not agree even on building a single mega hydroelectric dam, like KBD for the past four decades while army strongman FM Ayub Khan built two dams in ten years. This proves that our politicians are unable to see beyond their nose, such stark realities as the vital need for water and power development.

Speaking of my personal experience, my grand children are married to Bugtis of Larkana and Khattacks of KPK, while our family is Bhatti Rajputs. This is a result of my eldest son being a retired major in Pakistan Army, who says that army colleagues know each other thoroughly and have confidence in each other. This is ample proof that Pak army is completely free from provincial prejudices, that have kept this country bound in shackles, and prevented any major developmental projects at national levels to be completed. The inherent fault of political parties has created dissension between provinces thus limiting them to Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan, that is the nemesis of Pakistan that needs to be curbed at all cost.


Lahore, December 20.