LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has stressed on formal and foreign ministers level talks between Pakistan and India and said that presence of business magnates, during the meeting of Premiers of the two countries raises many questions.

In a statement issued today, Imran Khan said that the meetings between the two heads of states were welcome but they should be formal and through the foreign ministries of the two countries.

He raised the question over the presence of Indian business magnate in Lahore at the time of Nawaz-Modi meeting. He tweeted on the presence of the business magnate, during Modi’s surprise visit to Lahore. He said that ice-breaking between Pakistan and India was welcome but, there were question marks on the presence of the business magnates in Lahore.

PTI Chairman further said that all the meetings including the secret meeting in Kathmandu and the recent meeting in Lahore should have been held under the legal and official framework. He said that the objectives behind the meeting arranged by a business tycoon are not clear and thus raise questions.