ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) secretary Akram Khan, who is duly recognised by AIBA and other international federations, has sent an SoS call to IPC minister, PSB and POA to play their roles and stop irrelevant persons from further destroying this game.

Talking to The Nation on Sunday, Akram addressed Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, PSB DG Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera and POA president Lt Gen (R) Syed Arif Hassan and asked them to play their roles in saving sinking ship of boxing. “POA secretary Khalid Mehmood, who was banned by Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) for 10 years, doesn’t know the ABC of boxing, so how could Gen Arif support him. Khalid doesn’t have any boxing knowledge or background, but because of POA backing, he is contesting the boxing elections, which are announced by Doda Bhutto, who himself has been facing cases of corruption and mainly responsible for taking Pakistan boxing to decline.

“Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has made it clear on their website that they don’t recognise Doda Bhutto-led faction and they have demanded Doda to provide details of funds, released by the PSB. Doda owed millions of different vendors in Islamabad, when he conducted the 2nd Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Championship in Islamabad in 2012, but due to his affiliation with Gen Arif, he has been enjoying limelight,” he added.

Akram said that they had announced PBF elections on January 22 and Sindh Provincial Sports Minister Sardar M Bux Khan Mahar was their presidential candidate. “The elections announced by Khalid Mehmood are illegal, as the actual elections were due this month. I want to know why the IPC minister and PSB DG are keeping mum on the poor state of affairs of boxing in Pakistan. They, like past, want two elections. The PSB never allowed them any grants, facilities and are just silent because of Switzerland deal with Gen Arif Hassan, while all the international bodies including AIBA dully recognise me, all the Olympians, referees and judges are with me.

“But unfortunately, they want to keep Doda onboard and they are all set to create chairman slot to accommodate him, which is illegal. The chairman slot was created for former AIBA president Prof Anwar Chaudhry as after National Sports Policy was introduced in 2004, the PSB asked us to create chairman post to accommodate Prof Anwar Ch. We abolished that post in 2009 after Prof Anwar’s death, as we don’t need this slot,” he added.

Akram said they also wanted to retain Iqbal Khan and surprisingly, they wanted to make him KP Boxing Association (KPBA) president. A person, who has spent his entire life in Karachi, how can he be made president of an association, where he never spent a single day. “Boxing is fast dying in Pakistan and with these persons sitting on the helm of affairs, there is every possibility, boxing can be completely vanished from the country and all the past records will only be remembered in history books.”

“I request POA [resident Gen Arif Hassan to have mercy on boxing in general and boxers in particular. He must not promote anti-boxing personalities, just to shower countless benefits on blue-eyed persons. It is high time the IPC minister must take action and differences should be resolved through meaningful talks. We are ready to sit and listen, but with only one condition, that is genuine persons, who are deeply involved with boxing and want to work for boxing promotion in the country,” Akram concluded.