A video has gone viral on the internet portraying how the media occasionally forgets its ethical responsibilities. The video begins with an excerpt of “breaking news” cast on a private channel where as per the news anchor, Imran Khan is furious upon being given a pass by the security force to enter the Supreme Court. The narration of the event is accompanied by a visual where we see Imran Khan holding someone’s arm while having a quick conversation. The video then shows an unprejudiced recording of the same event where we see Imran Khan, while in a hurry, clearly trying to assist a poor man who wants to have a private conversation with him. 

To begin with, this quality of information does not appear good enough to be called “breaking news”. Moreover, to stage-manage even minor issues like these is disgracefully scandalous. I request the electronic media to be more responsible, ethically. The news broadcasted should be authentic and worthy of being broadcasted. 


Dubai, November 8.