LAHORE - The All Pakistan Workers Confederation (APWC) paid glowing tributes to Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on his 140th birthday on Sunday.

At a meeting at the Bakhtiar Labour Hall, the participants passed a resolution, which read that Father of the Nation was a man of character, and it was because of him that Muslims of the subcontinent achieved an independent state. It said that Quaid donated his property worth billions of rupees for the education of children.

The Quaid, the resolution further read, wanted to establish an egalitarian society, free from exploitation, and based on equality and social justice, knowledge, character and national self-reliance.

Contrary to the Quaid’s example, the resolution read, “Some politicians possess assets of billion of rupees, but they don’t pay taxes.”  Also, it said, some leaders had their money stashed in Swiss Banks and the government had failed to bring the same back despite repeated promises made by them. 

The country, the confederation leaders said, needed radical economic, social and political reforms to accomplish the mission of Father of the Nation.

The meeting was addressed by veteran trade union leader Khurshid Ahmed, General Secretary, Rubeena Jameel, Yousaf Baloch Chairman, Chaudhry Muhammad Anwar, Akbar Ali Khan, Additional General Secretary, Osama Tariq, Chaudhry Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, Chaudhry Muhammad Fiaz, Niaz Khan, Mahmood Butt and others

Another resolution, passed at the meeting, called upon the prime minister and the chief ministers to learn a lesson from the sufferings and tragic deaths of industrial workers at Gadani.