According to the UN, there are up to 97,000 to 125,000 people in Pakistan who are victims of HIV/AIDS. Due to the Rapid increase of these infectious diseases, the Government of Punjab has set up a program under the name of the Punjab AIDS Control Program (PACP). They give out scholarships and monetary benefits to students willing to do research projects. Due to the great initiative taken, there have been over 110 applicants for vacant positions in a short span of time. 

Punjab AIDS control program (PACP) will contribute greatly towards the control or the spread of HIV and to keep the epidemic from building up in the general population, to create an environment in the country where people living with HIV can get access to non-discriminatory medical and social services, to organize a multisector, complete and practical reaction to HIV and includes the different line services, the common society and the fundamental target beneficiaries. Anyone can be affected by HIV with the transfer of bodily fluids. The Punjab Aids Control Program traced and registered many new patients, particularly women and children, during a survey launched in high risk districts. 

Some other NGOs working for the control and prevention of the disease in Pakistan are; AIDS Prevention Association of Pakistan, Pakistan AIDS Control Federation, New Light AIDS Control Society and so many more. They not only provide awareness regarding the disease amongst people but give access to diagnosing tests and medicine. 

The government has taken a great step to improve the conditions of the victims of the life threatening disease, especially by incentivising the student body, who could bring in newer ideas and solution to the problem. Other provincial and federal governments should also recognise the alarming situation and to come up with strong preventive measures against the spread of HIV AIDS virus. 


Lahore, November 8.