KARACHI: Incidents of fire outbreak were reported at two different sites in the metropolis on Monday causing burn injuries to one besides considerable material loss.

According to Karachi fire brigade sources fire broke-out at a godown in Lea Market area, near Old Haji Camp in the wee hours on Monday that soon engulfed wood logs stored there along with other material.

Some eight fire engines were said to be despatched to the area, immediately as the incidence was reported to the authorities.

Rescuers reportedly extinguished the blaze in minimum possible time.

According to officials no case of human loss or injury was registered at the site while the process of cooling was carried out till afternoon.

In another similar mishap at Metroville, SITE area, later in the day, a man was injured as fire erupted in another godown where cloth and textile goods were stored.

According to details, textile material stored at a godown in Bab-i-Khyber area off Metroville, SITE was burnt along with other goods in the godown.

Shakil, 30 year old, watchman of the godown was reportedly injured while trying to douse the flames.

He was rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital with burn injuries and provided immediate medical assistance, said Edhi Ambulance Service volunteers.

According to hospital sources Shakil's condition was out of danger.

The fire was also brought under control but is feared to have caused significant material loss.

Officials said exact cause is yet to be ascertained while loss consequent to two instances the same day could also be adequately estimated in a day or two.