KAMALIA-Revolt of some of the PML-N members such as ignoring party decisions set an impression that the decisions are not made by the party leadership rather they are being taken under pressure from the lawmakers.

Awam League chairman Riaz Fatyana stated while talking to media men here the other day.

He claimed that the PML-N leadership's control over the party workers has weakened, adding that the party members should accept the decisions of their party leader Nawaz Sharif.

He said that the PTI (West) president supported the ruling party candidate Fouzia Warraich in the recent district council and tehsil municipal committee elections which, he said, is a violation of his party policy.

"Now, it is awaited how these party affiliates would be punished for violating the party discipline," he said, adding that such behaviour by the public-elected politicians is tantamount to negation of the public mandate.

He again announced his alliance to the MPA group in Kamalia and pledge to work with mutual consultation.

Kashmir solidarity rally held

A rally was staged to express solidarity with Kashmiris at Madrassa Jamia Farooqia Kamalia. The rally was led by JUI-F leader Qari Habibullah, Maulana Hassan Moawia, Maulana Qari Umar Farooq, Lutfullah Ludhianvi, Hafeez-ur- Rahman, Qari Aslam Farooqi

It started from Farooqia Mosque and turned into a protest as it reached Dr Nazar Chowk. The participants were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans in favour of Kashmiris' rights.

Addressing the rally, the speakers said that United Nations and international human rights organisations are completely silent on atrocities perpetrated by India in Kashmir. They demanded that Pakistan government should adopt an effective and a clear position on the matter and take it up at international level to stop India from committing heinous crimes in Kashmir.

RAIDS: Police and intelligence agencies held a search operation at Kachi Basti Kamalia and interrogated the heads of various families and checked theirs identification documents.

They searched 22 houses in Kachi Basti along with members of Intelligence agencies. All documents were found to be correct and no arrests were made during the search operation.