MIRPURKHAS: The Christian community celebrated Christmas here on Sunday like other areas of the country. The day dawned with special services at churches where people prayed for prosperity and progress of the country.

People organised various ceremonies in the city and other areas of the district in which they talked about peace and brotherhood. Tableaus were presented and cakes were cut on this occasion. They also congratulated each other on Christmas.

The PML-N arranged a Christmas ceremony at Milan Hall where the party leaders cut cakes and served food to the participants. Civil society and human rights activists arranged a programme at the hall for orphans and their mothers. More than 200 mothers and their orphan children took part in the ceremony, including representatives of NGOs and journalists. Orphan children including girls presented tableaus on national songs. Some singers also performed on this occasion. On this occasion, Noor Ahmed Narejo, Pushpa, Qamaruddin Shaikh, Asghar Narejo, Shehzado Malik, M.B. Kapri and others stressed the need for unity among people. They said that all people had equal rights. “We should work for religious harmony in the country,” they said. They congratulated Christians on Christmas and said that all people in the country were participating in each other’s religious ceremonies. Later, gifts were distributed to orphan children.–Staff Reporter