Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti

A crime is an unlawful act punishable by state or other authority. The term ‘crime’ does not, in modern criminal law, have any simple and universally accepted definition, though statutory definitions have been provided for certain purposes.

The most popular view is that crime is a category created by law; in other words, something is a crime if declared as such by the relevant and applicable law. One proposed definition is that a crime or offence is an act harmful not only to some individual or individuals but also to a community, society or the state. Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law.

Criminology is the scientific study of crime, including its causes, responses by law enforcement and methods of prevention. It is a sub-group of sociology, which is the scientific study of social behavior. Education is one of the basic thing through which we can change our lives. In Pakistan crime is present in various forms. The question is what are the main reasons of crime in Pakistan society and why it is increasing so rapidly, according to me it is because of the rising poverty, unemployment and inequality in Pakistani society, the rising case differences divide the society into various parts and according to the status law will be provided this contribute a lot in making people aggressive and frustrated and late on it become cause of crime in society.

The notion that acts such as murder, rape and theft are to be prohibited exists worldwide. What precisely is a criminal offence is defined by criminal law of each country. While many have a catalogue of crimes called the criminal code, in some common law countries no such comprehensive statute exists. In politics, law and order refers to demands for a strict criminal justice system, especially in relation to violent and property crime, through stricter criminal penalties. Supporters of “law and order” argue that incarceration is the most effective means of crime prevention. Opponents of law and order argue that a system of harsh criminal punishment is ultimately ineffective because it does not address underlying or systemic causes of crime.

“Law and order” is a recurring theme in political campaigns around the world. Candidates may exaggerate or even manufacture a problem with law and order, or characterize their opponents as “weak” on the issue, to generate public support. The expression also sometimes carries the implication of arbitrary or unnecessary law enforcement, or excessive use of police powers. According to maintain good law and order situation the Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif trying his level best to control un-bearable position in this regard he has strictly instructed to Inspector General of Punjab Police to do at its maximum to offer cool and calm atmosphere to the people of Punjab.

In order to make weapon or crime free society the CCPO Lahore Capt. Malik Amin Vains directed to Mr. Adil Memon Superintendent of police to create suitable social atmosphere in Iqbal Town Division. Hard working gentleman compliance the order with the help of his best resources and hard working DSP Rana Ghulam Abbas, Rana Ashfaq Sultan with the help of others, regarding his hard work to maintain law and order smoothly in this response to the said division, they launched 341 cases and arrests 346 criminals and recovered 292 pistols, 15 Rifles, 2 klashncops and made 1650 search operations and checked seventy two thousands and sixty people and 94 from them were investigated and put their cases to local courts. This year they registered 723 cases related to drugs users and concerns and they have arrested many wanted criminals.

A gang is a group of friends having same bad habits or family with the identifiable leadership and internal organization. Indentifying with or claiming control over territory in a community and engaging either individually and collectively in violent or illegal behavior. Criminals of gang member prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence. Member of gang may be called a gangster or a Thug but when they act with wrong behavior of his power called scoundrel. Street crime is existed through the city and a special class of people, who called as a gang and working like Bhatta Maafia, they send “Bhatta Parchi” to rich community and otherwise if they don’t fulfill their demands, they threat them to kill their family. It was happening in the area of Gulshan Ravi and Sanda, to remove this thrilling impression SP Iqbal Town Adil Memon directed to remove these types of impressions and existing crime from society to Sub Divisional Officer. In this area Khurram Ali Ahmad and Muhammad Farooq were fully disturbing to a businessman by the name of Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad and demanding millions of rupees. In this concern matter SDPO Gulshan Ravi Rana Ghulam Abbas and his team traced the above stated criminals after the day and night work of two months. During the investigation above criminals admitted lot more criminal activities in Punjab. By arresting this gang impression of “Bhatta Khori” has come to an end in the division.

Present and the clear danger often disorder the exact activities of a dutiful man. In the area of Iqbal Town Division, where their gang was working harshly for kidnapping. The the 6 year old child Muhammad Ali had kidnapped by a gang including lady gangster. Amaar Yasir, Muhammad Shahid, Jafir Ali and Ayesha Bibi were involved in these types of cases. It was a group of kidnapper and demanding million of rupees. Rana Ashfaq Sultan and his team trace the phone calls and nonstop racking, they arrested the above said criminals and recover the child safe and sound and handed over to his parents. It was a time to more than an Eid to the suffered parents and they offered thousand of blessings to the police team of Superintendent Police Iqbal Town Division. Passive policies are not able to produce good results and everybody trying to Looting somebody else. With this reference in Allam Iqbal Town Division in Sutluj Block Asif Ali, Muhammad Javad, Muhammad Basharat, Rizwan and Shafiq they traped all house on gun point and about to kill them after a Dacaty but as soon SDPO Rana Ishfaq Sultan reached at the said place with his equipped force after the three hours of non-stop work they arrested all these said men. The residents of all this area admire them their hard working and exceptional work, but according to me they deserve more than this because they had played a vital role as an example for others. The Chief Minister and Inspector General Punjab and CCPO must appreciate them with open hands. It is widely regarded that the police in any given society have a difficult job to fulfill. Dealing with criminals and facing the harm on a day to day basis is indeed an admirable calling. Although seen as difficult, there is an underlying sentiment in the general public that the job of law enforcement officers is relatively straightforward. The role of police in modern society is often a conflicted one. The public seems alternately torn between crying out because of abuses of police power and calling for increased police protection from the ills of the society. The police, as a social institution, seem to be caught between these two extremes, trying to balance liberty with security.

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