The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken the responsibility to save the country from further political chaos. The reason for the failure of the government and parliament to settle the Panama Papers allegation against the prime minister and his children’s is that in Pakistan has kleptocracy shrouded in the name of democracy where corruption is committed by the ruling elite and the servants of state institutions are not accountable to people for embezzlement of state funds 

I would like to suggest that the Supreme Court make use of the Polygraph (lie detector) so that any lies can be checked. By having individuals answer in person can help solve many issues. When the Mayfair apartment was purchased? Where did the money used to finance the purchase of the apartment come from? One clue is in Raymond Bakar’s book ‘Capitalism Achilles Heel’; dirty money – a claim that was never challenged by the Prime Minister. The people are hoping that the Supreme Court’s verdict will free them from Oligarchs’. 


Lahore, November 8.