BAHAWALPUR-Deaf and dumb people staged a protest at DPO Office Chowk in favour of their demands and against the violation of their quota for government jobs.

They blocked the road for several hours as a result of which the flow of traffic was affected badly as a large number of men and women participated in the rally by holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands.

They said that their rights are being usurped and the government has been failed to implement the 3% quota in the in government departments.

Thirty-five recruitments from their quota were made but not a single deaf person was recruited, they said. Similarly, for Khidmat Card, the government had registered blind persons but not a single deaf person's registration was done for "Khidmat Card".

They said in the deaf schools and colleges, general course is being taught for the past 20 years. The staff in their schools is not complete in the special education due to which education of the students is being hurt, they said.

They said that it is their demand that in each government institution, one deaf worker should be appointed. They also demanded organisation of their sports tournaments for the deaf.

They demanded to transfer the Deaf School's EDO and Deaf College's principal, DO Sports Officer Maqsoodul Hassan and Tehsil Sports Officer Aamir Hameed.

Assistant Commissioner City Rao Tasleem negotiated with the protesters and assured them that their problems will be resolved on which they scattered.