ISLAMABAD - Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity chief Juma Khan Marri on Tuesday claimed that Aslam Baloch alias Achchu – alleged mastermind of BLA attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi – along with his six companions died in Kandahar.

In a social media post, Marri said that Aslam Baloch died in a suicide attack in Afghanistan.

The BLA militants had on November 23 attacked the Chinese consulate in Clifton, Karachi, killing four people in an hour-long shootout. The victims included two policemen and two Pakistani civilians. No Chinese nationals were hurt in the attack. The three attackers were also killed.

The BLA later claimed responsibility for the attack in a tweet that included a photo of three attackers identified as Azal Khan Baloch, Razik Baloch and Rais Baloch.

Aslam Baloch alias Achu, a commander of proscribed BLA, was seen as the mastermind of the attack on Chinese consulate. Marri said that he was currently receiving medical treatment at Max Hospital in New Delhi, India.

In the social media post, Juma Khan Marri said: “As per close friends, today Aslam Baloch alias Achchu (master mind of BLA attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi) along with his 6 close companions died at Kandahar, Afghanistan in a suicide attack.” He added: “My request to all Baloch brothers, stop being part of Indian proxy war and join back Pakistan mainstream. Our future is with Pakistan only. United we stand, divided we fall.”

This month, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan held a meeting with Marri in Russia to discuss significant issues including the attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi.

In the meeting with the CM, Marri urged the United Kingdom to stop providing shelter to Hyrbyiar Marri. He also stressed raising this issue in the United Nations and promised to voice his concerns regarding the issue in European Union Parliament.