Syrian air defences have intercepted several missiles over Damascus, local media reported.

Syrian air defences have repelled a missile attack on Damascus, local media said. The projectiles were downed over the western suburbs of Damascus, Ikhbariya broadcaster reported. Meanwhile, a Sputnik correspondent reported several explosions that hit Syrian capital. The causes of explosions, however, remain unknown.

"Syria’s air defences repelled an attack of several missiles in the sky over the western suburbs of Damascus," the Ikhbariya television said without naming specific locations. 

The broadcaster later added that the airstrikes on Damascus surroundings were ongoing for an hour and a half.

Israeli Defense Forces press service reported that the Israeli air defences have intercepted an anti-aircraft missile that had been launched from Syria.

Syrian SANA Agency later reported that Israeli Air Force launched missile attack on Damascus surroundings from Lebanese airspace and that most of the missiles were downed. The attack left three servicemen wounded and caused damage to an ammunition depot, the agency said.

Previously, Lebanese media reported that the Israeli military aircraft entered on Tuesday evening the airspace of southern Lebanon and carried out manoeuvres at a low altitude.

According to Lebanon's national news agency (NNA), the Israeli aircraft carried out mock attacks on Lebanon's southern territories during a 10-minute period. 

The Israeli war planes, in particular, conducted maoneuvres over the Lebanese cities of Nabatieh, Sidon and Tyre.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) then reported that the Lebanese airspace had been used for an airstrike on Damascus surroundings.