The Pakistan textile industry contributes, in excess, about 60 percent to the nation’s aggregates fares. Today, the Pakistan textile industry is seeing a decrease in its development rate. The textile industry contributes approximately 46 percent of the total outcome. It’s providing 38 percent of workforce in Pakistan. Pakistan is also the 8th largest exporter of textile material in all of Asia.

Pakistan textile is responsible for economic growth and it’s playing its part in national integration as well as GDP increases. There are some issues in textile industry which are as follows: growing expense of production, increase in raw material cost, peace conditions, less research and development establishments, lack of new ventures, tight monetary policy and effect of expansion. Recommendations: There should be a proper remedy for foreign direct investment and attraction of investors by the building Pakistan’s reputation should be improved in the international market. Pakistan should explore new export markets on the basis of end goals. The energy and gas crisis should be dealt with and resolved as soon as possible. By decreasing the markup in textile industry, they can achieve the end goal. Government should take back sponsorship expulsion this would decrease the deficiency in the end goal and contend with their rivals to win remote trade for the nation in the global market. Pakistan textile industry is required to enhance the efficiency of the cotton area to gain profit in cotton division. The textile industry should find new and innovative ways like introducing new fabric in every season with best quality to gain customer loyalty.


Lahore, December 20.