Traffic. This term sounds like depression, anxiety and tension. These are not synonyms of traffic but the result of traffic. It is a very common practice to blame Traffic. But take a minute and think, what is traffic?

What are the root causes of traffic problems and where is the solution?

We are the Traffic and this problem cannot be solving until or unless we change ourselves in this regard.

Answer is very simple but time consuming. People should be educated about traffic rules and regulations. Many of us even don’t understand road lanes, traffic signs and even our safety behind these regulations. Traffic police should launch awareness campaigns to educate the common people about traffic.

Seminars should be held at educational institutes and work places. Social and Media public service messages are also helpful in this regard.

Driving License should be given after proper procedure and Driving test.

But as an individual it is our duty to follow Traffic rules. Parents should not allow their under age children to drive vehicles. New Government is working on this issue by imposing law but we need to understand that these rules are for our safety.

I am very hopeful this letter to editor will be a step forward.


Lahore, December 14.