Recently, it has been shown that 22.3% of women in Pakistan are employed in various organizations while the remaining 51% are focusing on morning shows and domestic matters of their lives. Not to mention, the domestic household is of no importance but in a country like Pakistan, it is important that the women must not only do jobs for the betterment of economy but should produce jobs as well.

To consider the importance of women as a great variable of the economy , we must consider the position of women in society and how we consider her as a part or not a part of the economy. The first thing to consider is the fact that women have been a part of the economy for long, but they have not been considered an essential element for improving the economy. For this reason, consider the situation of rural and urban women. In rural areas women are working on daily wages basis in Bhatas and even in factories and farm houses but their money-making process isn’t considering an important factor. This further moves on the fact that women in rural areas do not have accounts of their own and the at times do not even possess national ID cards because their males are too busy to take them to NADRA office and get them registered as citizens of Pakistan. Also, the money that is made by women in rural areas are property of their husbands, because then everyone will ask how she has gained all this money. Making more money in rural areas for a woman will arise questions; therefore, she decides to hide herself under the shelter of her trophy husband.

Seeing the other picture, the women in urban areas of Pakistan are getting their efforts count but then again how much of the urban population comprise of working women. As per statistics, there is a total 51 of women in Pakistan – the larger force for economy in comparison with men.

Starting from medical sciences to a common humanities’ female student, only 23% of the women are doing jobs to secure their position and contribute in economy. A country that is suffering from economical crisis, and low rate of GDP, why aren’t majority of this sex asked to do jobs. There are multiple reasons why this can be beneficial.

When women are seeking education in various institutes, they are taking seats that are equal to men and in some disciplines and departments more than men. Now, after their degree when these women are not seeking jobs, they are doing two-way damage to the economy i.e. they are reserving the seat of a male fellow who for sure would be seeking job after the degree and they are also causing an economical pressure on the male they are going to get married with soon. This does not mean that women should not take admissions in universities and they should be reserved seats for women but to ensure that this degree is important for females and that they should utilize this well.

In this race of economic crisis, we should not consider the third world under developing country excuse because let’s face it , it is too old and lame now. If that is the case than we have to force our women to contribute in the economy because it is the need of time. Consider developed countries like Canada where 58% women are working and contributing in the economy. In Cyprus and Estonia, 50 % of women are working. Imagine the depressing and suffocated atmosphere in India, still 28% of women are working.

It is high time that we must understand the significance of women force and how they can be productive for the society. Women in the history has been considered as the weaker sex because we made her work this way. If a woman can bear a child and can manage her home, then certainly she has the capacity of handling more than it. It is time of economic crisis, and even as an experiment , we must consider women as a variable of economic growth.

For the promotion of working women in Pakistan, the Government and the respective departments must take the plunge and must inform seminars in local localities where the local council members can motivate women to start their domestic projects or work at a suitable place. With working women needs more security and more responsibility ,therefore the departments will have to sure that women by all means continue the job with a positive attitude without any threat.

As a nation, we must stand together at this moment of crisis.


Lahore, December 24.