ISLAMABAD                -            China will continue to focus on transfer of knowledge and technology to Pakistan under CPEC for further cultivating the country's socio-economic structure. The cooperation between Pakistani government and China is distinctive with that of other countries, says a report published by the Gwadar Pro APP.  So far China is the only country which has offered Pakistan the technology and knowledge transfer in various fields, especially energy, transport and agriculture. In the energy sector, China has transferred various renewable energy production technology methods to Pakistan, including wind energy.  Cooperation in industrial sector under CPEC is also ensuring transfer of technology, knowledge and skills to Pakistan. CPEC is therefore helping to promote knowledge-based economy in Pakistan, which is the need of new age in the world. According to the report, in the agriculture area, CPEC has allowed new avenues of technology transfer and cooperation in agro-chemicals, pesticides, seed and fertilizer sectors. Under CPEC, to bring latest technologies to Pakistan, government is taking appropriate measures. Government of China, on priority basis, under the Economic Cooperation Agreement, is also taking steps to develop these industries of Pakistan and to bring modern technology in practice, the report added.