We are making our environment dirty by the various activities of us. The environment has no threat from anything but only from the people who live in it. Furthermore, people are damaging the environment in different ways.

Pollution of air and water is not only endangering the human health but also it exposes the life and health of animals and plants to risk. Pollution is very common in most of the places in the world. It has many harmful effects on the existence of the Earth.

Deforestation worsens the greenhouse effects. Trees act as the lungs of the world because they take in the carbon dioxide and give out oxygen to the atmosphere. But, we are unfortunate that we cut them in excess for our greed. The more we cut the trees, the more we are cutting down the supply of oxygen. We are reducing the amount of oxygen and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide by cutting the trees. As a result, we will face many problems.

Due to these activities, we are making the Earth warmer than its limit. According to the scientists, a big hole in the ozone layer has appeared. And this is due to the increase in greenhouse gases. The hole in the ozone layer can expose ultraviolet rays. Exposure of the ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer. Moreover, it means we are at greater risk of being exposed to the radiation if this hole is not recovered.

In case, the situation remains unchanged, the environment will be destroyed completely. The people need to own the Earth and take care of it like their homes. Everyone needs to contribute in making the Earth a safe place to live in.