ISLAMABAD - The government Wednesday sharply reacting to the criticism it is facing on the social media following a higher court granted post-arrest bail to PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah Khan in a narcotics case said that the decision of the case has yet to come.

A misperception is being created that perhaps Rana Sanauulah has been exonerated in the case following the Lahore High Court allowed him bail, said Minister of State for Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi while addressing a fiery press conference here.

“The (written) order of the LHC has yet to come, we will read it and will go all out to take this case to logical end,” he said and stressed Sanaullah, a sitting member of the National Assembly, was still an accused.

“We will exhaust all legal options,” the state minister said adding that the government would take its future course of action once it receives written order. “We will not run away from this case.”

Afridi himself is under severe criticism on the social media for making claims about the narcotics smuggling case against the President PML-N Punjab and former provincial law minister in a press conference he held earlier this year soon after his arrest. The state minister also tried to satisfy the media about the blame he is facing.

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday granted post-arrest bail to leader of the major opposition party which led to a heated debate on the social media that the court order vindicated position of the PML-N that a fake case was framed against Sanaullah. On July 1, the Anti-Narcotics Force had arrested Sanaullah at the main entrance of Lahore while allegedly smuggling 15 kg of narcotics in his vehicle.

Afridi said the accused has not got a clean chit as the trial of the case has yet to start. The delaying tactics were used to postpone the trial, he blamed. “Tomorrow there was a pomp and show over the bail and a (wrong) perception was given that case has ended.”

Afridi said Prime Minister Imran Khan and his entire team had full confidence in courts. “It does not mean that you have one version if decision comes according to your choice, and give another version if decision comes against you.” He said the respect of courts was binding on all of them because if due respect would not be given to them, the country could never get desired results according to its vision and national interests.”

The minister tried to clarify that “wrong reference of a video” was being connected with him and said that he never said that they had the video of his arrest. “I had said that Sanaullah was followed (by law enforcement agencies) three weeks before his arrest and they had a footage of this.” He said there was a difference between video and footage. If the video of his arrest was recorded, then it was said that it was planted, he also said. “Why we become judge and the jury, it is the duty of courts to decide the matter.”

“In the first presser, at some place I used the word footage and this was wrongly misinterpreted,” he again said adding; “I was laughed at when I said that I have to life belongs to Allah,” he said and added that means that they were answerable to people.

The minister claimed anyone could see the record of his past press conferences and speeches made in the National Assembly and the Senate which showed that he had been saying that all evidences were be provided within 17 days. “All these evidences were presented within the given time period.”

He advised the media to always portray both sides of the photo and reminded that media itself had been accusing Sanaullah for his role in the Model Town tragedy that claimed many innocent lives.

“I was out of the country (when the decision was announced) and was not even present in the Tuesday’s cabinet meeting but a perception was given that I am avoiding to face media,” he said. He also said that he faced threats in the past for going against a known property tycoon.

He again clarified that PM and he had no enmity with any one and ANF is a professional force headed by a major general and having nine army brigadiers who had credible evidence against the accused. “Whether PM or I had arrested him, certainly not,” he said and added: “We did not intervene in the legal proceedings and there is no victimization at any level.”

Afridi said time would prove that they were on the right side and remarked, “This is the season of bails.”  He further claimed that he would remain silent if he (Sanaullah) was only facing allegation and questioned: “How he amassed assets beyond his known sources.

He stressed that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team stood against those mafias who dictate and threaten people and there would be no compromise on this case.

The question is being asked why he was grated bails, he said and remarked that let the decision come. “The prosecution teams is available and will contest the case. Don’t make this case a media trial.” He underscored that the media should understand that this is the work of legal team and not the minister. “We will neither be threatened nor bow before any one,” he made it clear.

Ahead of his press conference, the point of his talk provided to media quoting Afridi said they (the government) would challenge PML-N leader’s bail in the Supreme Court. But he did not made this claim in his news conference.

Responding a question, he said personal doctor of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had claimed that his blood platelets had decreased to a life threatening level but now he was doing shopping abroad instead of getting himself treated. “Whether the nation is not seeing this?”