According to a recent news item, Maulana Fazalullah has asked various MPAs, MNAs and other prominent personalities from NWFP to appear before his 'Shariah court' or face execution. This is the real challenge to the writ of our government but we are unnecessarily stressed out about the drone attacks calling them 'a challenge to our sovereignty'. There is an opinion among people that drones have killed important, high-profile leaders of Taliban and Al-Qaeda which we may never have done with out the American help. Fazalullah's demands are more of a threat to Pakistan than drone attacks. It is interesting to note that when a mortar shell kills civilians, there is lot of hue and cry by the media and maulvis but in 2007, suicide bombing by Taliban and Al-Qaeda killed more than 3000 innocent Muslim, men women and children in Pakistan and there was no condemnation by them. They are still killing and beheading Muslims and non-Muslims, especially women. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, February 11.