The people of Pakistan have no voice in policymaking. Most of our policies are dictated by Washington. Of late, the Foreign Minister has been reported as having said that in view of the US concerns, the government of Pakistan reserves the right to appeal against IHC's verdict of declaring Dr A Q Khan a 'free citizen'. Dr Khan was put under house arrest by Pervez Musharraf in a bid not to reveal the names of army officers involved in proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Foreign Minister's statement reflects the present government's reluctance on departing from the line of its predecessor and therefore continues to serve the interests of western powers. The masses voted for change on February 18 last year but the elected representatives have not redeemed the destiny of the nation. Dr Khan is our national hero and the nations which discredit its heroes can never find an honourable place in the comity of nations. -RIZWAN ASGHAR CHAUDHRY, Lahore, via e-mail, February 10.