The global prices of invariably every commodity and product, from pin to plane, have gone down drastically. In our country, though, it is the other way round. The manufacturers of sugar, fertilizers, chemicals, daily essentials, you name it, are all making a killing due to atrocious management of government in distribution, logistics and price controls. The government is abetting in the massacre of the poor by increasing rates of utilities, electricity, gas, water alongside imposing new taxes, levies duties that are being heaped upon the people. If the state becomes the plunderer and butcher of the poor: the businessmen, be they industrialists or street vendors, strip the poor of their clothes. The government policies have ruined industry and agriculture and the unbridled desire of its leaders to acquire unlimited power and wealth has brought us to ruin. May Allah save us. -NOOURE ZEENATE JEHAN, Karachi, via e-mail, February 9.