The hapless citizens of this country watch as the federal government withdraws the free dialysis facility, thus, depriving countless poor people of a lifeline. They look on with frustration as HEC funds are slashed, shattering the dreams of many bright and deserving students. They watch in dismay as the daughter of a sitting Chief Justice is granted unprecedented favours to enable her to get admission in a medical college. The helpless citizens look on with disbelief as a military dictator, responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of students, amongst many other crimes, is given a guard of honour and let off to travel around the world. They watch helplessly as the Minister for Power takes only one decision of any consequence in his whole time at helm todate - he proudly announces cancellation of the vital mega dam that could have provided us with electricity to avert loadshedding. The ordinary citizens of this land are reduced to mere spectators as their tax money is ruthlessly and shamelessly being squandered to buy bulletproof limousines and top of the line helicopters and still more foreign trips. They look on with ever increasing choler at the meaningless exercise of renaming every thoroughfare, junction and public place after the slain leader of the ruling party. They watch with increasing insecurity as the country's security Czar attends endless security meetings with nothing to show for it while vital decisions regarding our homeland security continue to arrive from somewhere else. Yes, the 160 million citizens of this country are watching and are watching intently. And their tempers are rising. The rulers should take heed before they reach the boiling point. -M.A. RABBANI, Gujranwala, via e-mail, February 10.