India is building three dams on Indus River in Laddakh where the river flows for 395 kilometers in the Indian-occupied territory. The dams are meant to generate 219 megawatts of energy essentially meant for troops in Siachen area. We had heard of 62 dams on Jhelum and Chenab being built by India. Now, even Indus is being dammed to deprive Pakistan of its water. Engineer Shams-ul-Mulk has opined that if we had committed our water by building Kalabagh dam and other dams, India would not have been encouraged to pilfer our share of water from Indus. When we do not use our water and let it flow down into the sea by about 38 MAF each year, India gets encouraged to create storages on our rivers. Sindhi politicians are mum over building of dams on Indus by India while they raise great hue and cry over a dam on Indus in Punjab. -DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, February 10.