KARACHI - At least 1,000 additional secret cameras would be installed at 174 locations to keep a check on the criminals in the City. Provincial Police Officer/Inspector General Police Sallahuddin Babar Khattak informed the Public Accounts Committee of Sindh Assembly, which met in the committee room of Assembly on Thursday. A briefing was also scheduled at Chief Minister House on same day (Thursday) where Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani will chair a meeting to review the law and order situation for Rabi-ul-Awwal in City. The police chief said that these secret cameras with latest technology would be installed at main corridors, important places, and exit and entrances of the City. Public Accounts Committee chief Sardar Jam Tamachi Unar, during the meeting, observed that despite posting of honest police officers, the crime rate in the province is increasing, however kidnappings, robberies and other crimes are also rampant. On contrary to the past practice, there has been no maintaining of records of criminals at the police stations level, he said. Khattak agreed with the views of PAC chief, saying that Supreme Court has recently given a ruling that police should not keep record of accused until he is not convicted from the court. The conviction rate in our country is less, thats why police do not maintain the record of the criminals at police stations, he said. He maintained that poor financing is also a main reason for poor law and order situation and bad credibility of police. However, the individuals performance make only marginal difference, but institutional level reforms can bring drastic change in the attitude of police, he argued. The total strength of police is 115,000 in Sindh, however, Punjab has 150,000. The Punjab, Islamabad and NWFP have realised the situation and enhanced the budget and facilities of the police but the Sindh is paying the lowest salaries and facilities, so we should realise the situation to raise the budget for the police, he said. On this occasion, PAC chief Jam Tamachi Unar observed that Sindh is a multi-linguistic province so there are problems of law and order. He recommended that PAC would write to CM Sindh to enhance the budget and facilities of the police. Tamachi said that putting of national flags on the vehicles of the ministers make them visible and suggested that they should not put the national flags, which could also help them in ensuring their security. He also suggested that DPOs should arrange installing of banners in front of the police stations with advising people to lodge FIR of any crime occurred with them, because people are afraid of the police and they avoid lodging case of any crime. Khattak also agreed with the suggestions of the PAC and shared the police problems. He said that without increase in the facilities and budget, the responsibilities of the police had been increased tremendously, besides no recruitment had been made in the police department since last 10 years. He said that the police were not developed to control crime, as it never supposed to work as paramilitary force to face terrorism. However, the police personnel were not equipped with proper training to cope with the terrorism incidents. He pointed out that 10,000 police personnel are getting training to cope with the terrorism incidents with the same budget so everyone can imagine the quality of the training. Citing the example of law and order priority in the world, he said that Los Angeles city police had huge budget of $272 million, however, the Sindh has meagre budget of Rs23 billion for law and order of the whole province. He said that 85 per cent of the police budget goes for the salaries and other routine expenditures, however, remaining 15 per cent spends on operational side. On this occasion, AIG police for finance Dost Muhammad Baloch said that Sindh spends Rs18,000 per case/FIR averagely for investigation.