ISLAMABAD Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Thursday told the National Assembly that Government had signed a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with the United States in September 2004 to impart training to Pakistani law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism. No foreign agency has been hired for the training of law enforcement agencies in the country, added the Minister in a written reply during the question hour. Under the MOI, Department of State/anti-terrorism Assistance Programme has imparted training to law enforcing agencies to combat terrorism in Pakistan. He further said that 1,750 officers belonging to all provinces had been trained under this programme, adding no expenditure on part of Government of Pakistan had been incurred. In a reply to another question, Malik said that 2,526 persons had been killed due to terrorist attacks in Punjab, NWFP and FATA from 2007 to 2009. In these terrorist incidents, 4,020 persons received injuries and detailed assessment on the pattern of Swat will be carried out to find out extent of losses, he further said and added while it was still to determine whether persons were entitled for any relief. As many as 1,636 person were killed in FATA, 744 in NWFP and 159 in Punjab, he maintained. As many as Rs 1,631 million compensation had been paid by provincial government through DCOs. In NWFP, the Minister said, the newly established department named PDMA is working to formulate a comprehensive database from all districts with regard to damages sustained by private infrastructure owing to terrorist attacks and bomb blasts. In FATA, he said, there are number of houses and property damaged during the terrorist acts. The operations in FATA are still going on, while property damaged reported so far is of worth Rs 2,089 million, he added.