ISLAMABAD Capital Development Authority has decided to revamp the rent recovery mechanism from Parliament Lodges by creating a liaison with Parliament Secretariat to ensure synchronised deduction from salaries of parliamentarians. CDA Spokesman on Thursday rejected that there were any dues outstanding with the parliamentarians against their accommodation, what he said in fact were due in the record books and not with the parliamentarians. We are planning to introduce a computerised recovery system equipped with modern techniques to update record of the Authority simultaneously with that of the Parliament Secretariat, he added. He said the remittance took some time during which the dues appeared outstanding in books of the Authority whereas the same were never outstanding against the parliamentarians. He said media also reported the case based on incomplete information that had invited the ire of parliamentarians, prompting them to move privilege motions in the National Assembly. It is pertinent to mention here that the National Assembly Standing Committee on Rules of Business and Privileges took up the clubbed motions of Abdul Qadir Patel and Abid Sher Ali against the CDA for declaring them, besides other 18 members, as defaulters and started a probe. According to the spokesman, the CDA was mulling over different options to maintain rent recovery system of Parliament Lodges besides charges of power, gas and water supply. He said the directorate concerned had been directed to strategize the matter and give a detailed presentation for execution of the project within minimum possible time. APP adds: Residents of sector, of G-7, G-10, G-9, I-8, I-9 and I-10 of the federal capital are facing a lot of problems as the authorities concerned seemed least interested to fulfill their responsibilities related to cleanliness. Residents alleged that the civic body was not bothered about ensuring proper maintenance of the parks. They said there was no place in the sectors where public gatherings could be organized. Amjad Ali, a resident of I-10 said the issue had been brought to the notice of the CDA. Even the roads and streetlights are in poor shape, adding to the woes of residents is the wild growth of the grass. The residents say that they themselves have to hire persons to check its growth. Heaps of garbage, scattered raw material of construction and a recent mushroom growth of a large number of bushes along the roads and streets need immediate attention. The residents of sector G-7, G-9 and I-10 also alleged the concerned authorities for negligence of cleanness situation, which cause different kind of diseases in the locality. They said that the pedestrian avoid to use the footpath due to bushes and prefer roads, which also cause disruption in smooth traffic flow and may also lead to accident. Besides cleanness, the residents have also complained of growing encroachments in the market, causing inconvenience for the pedestrian and motorists. They appealed to the concerned authorities to remove these encroachments to provide a smooth way for pedestrians and other people visiting the market. When contacted, an official of CDA said that concerned staff cleans the parks, streets and markets regularly. However, he said the CDA has started cutting shrubs on the footpaths to provide safe way to pedestrians. He said the CDA would also shortly launch a drive against wild grass in the capital.