LAHORE Never in the limelight but quietly chasing glory, Pakistan weightlifters have never disappointed the nation. Pakistan won two gold medals in the 11th South Asian Games weightlifting at Dhaka and brought honour for the country despite an absolute lack of training and facilities. Hafiz Imran Butt, secretary general of the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation, is determined that his federation would continue its good work despite the shocking empathy shown towards the gold winning national heroes. Imran Butt believes winning gold medals despite a short training period of just 14 weeks, and even that in fits and starts, was no mean feat. He wondered what these great athletes would achieve if given to notch facilities as well as professional training. He said given the budget his federation gets from the government, winning gold in SA Games was tantamount to achieving a miracle. Butt says miracles dont happen every time. With Commonwealth Games in India just a few months away, he believes Pakistan should start its preparations on professional lines right now. We dont have even a single indoor facility to prepare our weightlifters. The government should provide us proper indoor facilities, all required equipment, shoes, training camps etc and if these facilities are provided we ensure that we will increase our gold medals despite getting into a tougher competition, said Imran Butt. Pakistans sports powerhouse, on its own, is also its weightlifters. Wapda Sports Board Chaudhry Khalid has also urged the government and the Pakistan Sports Broad to provide maximum facilities to departmental teams. Pakistan weightlifting heavyweights Zubair Butt, Akbar Ali Ghakkar, Sohail Javed Butt, Anjum Asif, Rashid Mehmood, Aqeel Javed Butt, Sohail Butt, Ilyas Butt (coach) and others have joined the chorus - requesting the government to given attention to their sport. The gold winning weightlifters were disappointed that the government did not acknowledge their achievements and that there name nowhere when other athletes were showered with prizes everywhere. Dejected by the indifference of the government, the winners said they were not given the respect they deserved. We have also won medals for the country and if we are given the acknowledgement we deserve, we may not be able to perform with the same passion, they regretted. The government must ensure equality especially when it comes to rewarding national heroes. Pakistan medal winners in South Asian Games are: Gold Medallists: 85 KG: Khurram Shahzad 94 KG: Usman Rathoor Silver Medallists: 62 KG: Ishtiaq Ghafoor 68 KG: Matiur Rehman 105 KG: Sajjad Malik Bronze Medallist: 46 KG: Abdullah Ghafoor.