ISLAMABAD - Outgoing Federal Minister for Finance Shaukat Tarin has said that allocation for health and education sectors would be enhanced from around 2.5 to 7 per cent of GDP by 2015. He was addressing a seminar organised by the Planning Commission on Demographic Transition here on Thursday. He said that Pakistans success depends on how best it can turn the Demographic Bulge into Demographic Dividend by investing in the new generation. Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, stated that the seminar is timely and the Planning Commission will ensure that the policy recommendations to be emerged are to be incorporated into the 10th Five Year Plan (2010-15,), which is being formulated. Tarin said that ensuring that required level of social sector investment is made and through better institution and governance, higher investment would translate into development of human capital and productive absorption of youth in labour market would reap benefits of demographic transition. He said that more resources would be committed for education in rural areas as well as for generation of employment opportunities particularly for female population. Prof. Gavin Jones from Singapore National University emphasized on learning lessons from the East Asian nations. These countries had successfully managed the demographic transition that had contributed more than one third to their economic miracle. He pointed out that as Pakistans entry into the demographic dividend phase has been significantly delayed, it should focus on two things first ensure that human capital entering the working age in a large number contributes to higher productivity in the economy and secondly, ensure that the job opportunities increase rapidly enough to absorb them in the productive employment. David Martin, Country Director British Council, presented the findings of the Councils report on Pakistan: The Next Generation. He pointed out that half of the Pakistani children go to primary schools but only one third go to secondary schools. Pakistan with GDP per capita at $1,000 is just a middle-income country. Youth is determined to play its part in building a brighter future. The next generation is emerging as a powerful force for change. The need is to harness its energy to overcome future challenges, he said. Secretary Youth Affairs, Nazar Hussain Mahar, said that primary and secondary school enrolment has to be enhanced by ensuring access and quality of education.