LAHORE - Huge difference in unit-to-unit gas tariffs and complicated tariff description in the billings of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) has not only irked the domestic consumers but also commercial consumers because the department has failed to evolve solid mechanism in this regard, The Nation learnt on Thursday. It was also learnt that government and SNGPL also failed to describe the measurement system of gas and implementation of gas tariff in true sense even after a huge raise in gas tariff of about 18 percent last month which applied only on the use of half or one unit of gas only while such increased percentage of tax, levied on the use of per unit of gas also multiply more than 100 per cent on the use of second unit of gas and further apply on the use of more units of gas. Sources in SNGPL disclosed that the concerned ministry, National Assemblys standing committee and other concerned departments are unable to form any policy due to complicated measurement system of gas, about which very few people know. But they could not convey the members of standing committee and other authorities concerned. Sources said besides measuring system of gas, the billing system of gas is also beyond the conception of most of the officials of billing department of SNGPL. Due to the complications of the tax levying system of gas, all the concerned authorities left it without amending it, justifying the multiplied taxes and raising any valid point in this regard. The authorities just passed remarks that usually the consumption of gas by the poor is below one unit while the consumption of a middle class consumer is up to two units, so they can afford it, the sources said adding that the authorities also passed remarks in various meetings that the consumption of gas by the well-off consumers usually was observed more than two units per month so it is not difficult for them to pay such amount including multiplied taxes, sources further added. In this regard, utility bills of gas issued by SNGPL reveals that the lower price benefit of only two preceding slabs would be available to consumers falling in any particular slab. It further describes rates and consumption of gas categorically and according to it Rs95.01 per MMBTU, (usage of gas in Hm3-0 to 0.50) is for the slab-1, for slab-2, Rs99.48 for using gas over 0.50, slab-3, Rs 181.10 over 1 to 2, slab-4 Rs 383.42 on usage of over 2 to 3, Rs 498.80 for slab-5, Rs 648.43 for slab-6 and Rs 860.15 for slab-7 categories. However, a domestic consumer of Model Town condemned the huge difference between percentages of announced tax and tax levied on the consumption of gas by the government. He criticised the policies of government for levying hidden taxes and other charges while announced percentages of taxes is mere eyewash. In this regard, acting in-charge of Billing Department Tanveer Yaqoob clarified that usually consumers complain over-billing on part of the department while they did not control the consumption of gas. He said that the department issues bills according to the meter reading, which reveals consumption of gas and department also did not impose any tax on its on discretion. He said the department issues bills according to the tariffs fixed by the government and ministry concerned.