India and Pakistan were very close to solving the Kashmir issue on the basis of a four-point formula, former Pakistani president Gen Pervez Musharraf has claimed. "We were not far from resolving Kashmir problem with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the basis of a four-point parametres which would demilitarise Kashmir and make the line of control irrelevant," Musharraf told a gathering organised in the House of Lords by Lord Iltaf Sheikh, a Pakistani-origin Conservative peer. Earlier speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said, "the three issues involving India and Pakistan were Kashmir which the most difficult to solve but we were close to solving even that with India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Siachin and Sir Creek issues." Musharraf complimented India's Prime Minister for his vision, flexibility and his sincerity. The other two issues, Siachen and Sir Creek, can be solved "tomorrow", he added. "We have had upteen number of discussions on them but it needs leadership decision. He said the survey of Sir Creek area has been done by the two navies 'in my time but' it needs a leadership decision to 'sign and agree to'." He claimed that the "relationship between India and Pakistan have almost always, except for a brief period, been tense, confrontational and conspirational." At his House of Lords address to spoke about his plans to return to Pakistan to join politics.