Every human being is born with a philosophy of his own about everything. His philosophy is created by his blood. Whatever his blood dictates he must obey. Disobedience is a guarantee of a miserable living. Lets have a look at a justice story. Once a husband suspected his spouse a loyalty. He got violent and inflicted serious physical injuries on the partner. He was in the dock. The judge personally believed that a husband had no right to be violent if his partner betrayed him. Instead of being aggressive, he should divorce his partner. The judges philosophy was dictated to him by his blood. He flung the husband out of the dock into the prison. The husband lodged an appeal. The judge of the appellate court had a different philosophy. He firmly believed that if a husbands self-respect was flouted by his wife, he had a moral obligation to avenge the insult. The husband was set free. Again it was the decision of a blood. An appeal against the husbands release was lodged with the next higher court. The court re-imprisoned the husband. An appeal against the re-imprisonment was lodged. The husband was again set free. Imagine the same evidence interpreted radically differently by different judges. Obviously, it is not an evidence which is decisive but what a judges blood reads into an evidence which is decisive. Thus, almost every judgement is a 'bloody judgment. Actually, a judgement is not justice. A judgement is just a judgement. Imagine two contending parties. The judgement made in favour of one of the parties is supreme justice for it. But the same judgement is supreme injustice for the losing party. One cant help believing that man cant do justice. He can only make judgements. Justice is possible only if a judge declares: I guarantee that whatever evidence is there about the case under consideration is made available and not even an iota of new information shall ever come to light. Obviously, such a declaration is an absolute impossibility. Anytime a bit of new information can become available. So we can make only tentative judgements. Absolute justice is absolutely beyond our powers. God has fixed the Day of Judgement for administering absolute justice. Once a seven-judges bench of a countrys Supreme Court heard a mercy appeal. Four of the judges decided against and three were in favour. The appeal was rejected. Had one of the four sided with the three, the appeal would have been accepted. Actually, the final decision was made by a single judge. In the light of this case, you can make your own judgement about human justice. Whatever the limitations of human justice, no society can survive without having some sort of judicial system. But there are two kinds of survival. There is a miserable survival and there is a dignified survival. There are only a few countries which are blessed with generally honest judiciary. These countries are veritable hells for the professional criminals. Unfortunately, most of the countries are cursed with generally dishonest judiciary. These countries are veritable paradises for the professional criminals. A sage says: Blood never lies. The saying gives us the essence of entire human history. Nobility was the creation of noble blood. Barbarism was the creation of barbaric blood. Lets pray that a baby destined to be a judge is born with honest blood. But what sort of prayer should we offer if a baby is destined to be a dishonest judge because of its dishonest blood? Lets forget about it. It is universally believed that 'justice is blind. No doubt, justice is blind. Since justice is blind, you can do with the blind creature whatever you fancy to do with it. What man has been doing with poor 'blind justice for ages is a very sad story. Mans salvation is possible only if somehow the 'blind justice is replaced with a 'justice which has eight eyes: two in the front, two at the back, two at the right side and two at the left side. A justice which is all eyes cannot be easily hoodwinked. The writer is a freelance columnist.