ISLAMABAD The Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament started deliberations on the most sensitive and most controversial issue of the provincial autonomy and it was decided that the Council of Common Interests (CCI) should be made more effective. The Committee also approved with split vote that the Concurrent List should be abolished. Sources privy to the deliberations of the Committee informed TheNation that it was unanimously agreed that the CCI should be made more effective and vibrant. It was further proposed that the Prime Ministers role in the CCI should be made mandatory while a permanent secretariat for the body should also be established and it would be ensured that the CCI should meet on regular basis. The Chairman of the Committee, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani during a chat with media after the Committees meeting confirmed that it was decided in the meeting that the CCI should be made more effective and vibrant. The sources further said that most of the members were of the view that the Concurrent List from the Constitution should be abolished while member of the Committee representing Pakistan Muslim League(Quaid), Senator S. M. Zafar differed with the Committee and had written a dissenting note. The sources in the Committee informed that S. M. Zafar was of the view that certain subjects in the Concurrent List should be deleted and it should be kept intact so that the doors of effective legislation in some important areas for the Federal Government should remain open. But as majority of the members were in favour of abolishing of the Concurrent List and the Committee gave its recommendation for the same. The sources in the Committee said that they would try to accomplish the task of combing portion of the Constitution dealing with the provincial autonomy within a week but at the same time dispelled the impression that they were working under some deadline and refuted the notion that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had given them some set timeframe for accomplishing their task.