Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the feasibility report of the Thar Coal will be ready by June this year for submission to Sindh Government.Qureshi said that he has very good interaction with Chinas top corporate leaders here in Beijing and also held talk with a top official whose company is carrying out the feasibility report on Thar coal.The company will finish the work on feasibility report by June and thereafter it will be submitted to the Sindh Government.The foreign minister said that he has discussed the prospects of utilizing the Thar coal for generating thermal power and was pleased to learn that the quality of Thar coal is far better than the imported coal being presently used for the purpose. So the chances for using Thar coal for power generation is very bright, according to initial report, the foreign minister told APP in an exclusive interview during his stay in Beijing. The geology of the area is quite friendly so it will not be difficult to extract the coal, he said and added that the prospects are very encouraging. The foreign minister said that he also exchanged views with top officials of China Harbour with regard to prospects of growth and development of Gwadar port so that how we could utilize the port in more effective manner. I got some good ideas about how to develop infrastructure around Gwadar port to make it more useful, Mr. Qureshi said. Gwadar being close to the proximity of Iran which is rich in oil, therefore we can develop it as key area for establishing chemical industries, he observed. During his interaction, Qureshi said that he has shared some good ideas with the leaders of corporate sector and they are very enthusiastic about working in Pakistan. He said that during last one and half years there is lot of enthusiasm that has been generated on broadening the economic base between Pakistan and China. The feedback, he got from the private sector, he said is that in the coming days the potential of broadening the economic and commercial ties with China is very bright and that is exactly in line with the economic diplomacy the foreign office was pursuing. As we have plenty of sunshine round the year, therefore, there is also tremendous potential for bilateral engagements in development of solar energy. He said that as the solar energy is becoming more and more sophisticated and would become cheap in cost with the passage of time, Pakistan offers lot of prospects in solar energy. Chinese cooperation can help Pakistan in overcoming the energy problem Pakistan is facing at the moment, Qureshi said and added that it will also lay the base of foundations for industrial and agricultural growth in Pakistan. The foreign minister said that he also had very fruitful meeting with those corporate sector people involved in river dredging projects in Pakistan that has already been initiated. He further said that when completed the project would offer new opportunities for navigation and transportation as well as improving irrigation system in Pakistan.