Friday, February 19 was, perhaps, the blackest day for Islamia University Bahawalpur when the students of this university violated the sanctity of their own alma mater without any remorse. I personally witnessed the havoc caused by angry students when they mindlessly ravaged a precious artifact of local heritage that had been preserved by the Chairman of the Seraiki Department. The arson in the dormitory was another deplorable incident. The students vandalized property of the V. C. office and brought about a huge loss. There is no doubt that these students must have grievances that might even be genuine but this was not the way to show their anger. The increasing violence in educational institutions is a matter of great concern for the whole society as these places are generally deemed as repositories of peace and learning. But we witness many an incident in which rival groups are hacking at each other in frenzy. Why are we losing our patience? I think this is the reflection of violence actually taking place in the form of terrorism. The daily incidents of brutality have influenced the young minds so much that they feel no remorse in resorting to violence. There is too much depiction of scenes of violence in our media and there are no serious dialogues on different forums to talk about peaceful coexistence. There is an urgent need to talk on this issue and initiate a debate on the issue of peaceful co-existence and the media should follow what happens. -MUHAMMAD ASIF, Dera Ghazi Khan, February 24.