ISLAMABAD The much-awaited under construction Zero Point Interchange (ZPI) project has become a constant source of irritation for general public causing great inconvenience for the pedestrians as well as the commuters since there is no mechanism to indicate which road the confused pedestrians and the commuters should take. Besides, mounds of sand on the road and never ending dust are also causing inconvenience for the motorists. Efforts are underway for the early completion of the multi-billion project by August 2010 and most of the work has already been completed. The project has great importance for the general public but at the same time lingering construction work is causing hassles for people of the twin cities for a considerable time period of time. Motorists approaching from Sector H-8 or G-7, Aabpara Market and other linked areas to the Suharwardi Road continue to endure a great deal of inconvenience because of a small and narrow stretches of roads and soil, rocks and stones left there at the construction site of the Zero Point Interchange. Consequently the traffic remains choked at this point especially in working hours. It has been leant that more than 530 trees that were alongside Kashmir Highway were slashed down during construction activity that abolished green image of the area. Dust particles have enveloped the area that is polluting the environment. This has become a common phenomenon in Islamabad whenever there is construction work underway. Besides, pedestrians, especially those who are associated with the offices along the roadside or reside at the nearby areas or travel by public vehicles face many hurdles. The double road at the Zero Point has been made one-way owing to the construction work causing enormous problems for the passengers of the public transport. Therefore, most of the passengers preferred to wait alongside Kashmir Highway to get their vehicles. Moreover, lights which were present earlier are no more there, making the situation bleaker adding to people miseries especially, during night time. It is also observed that the high level of air and water pollution is not only an issue in the densely populated areas of the country but the situation of metropolitan has also become more annoying due to massive construction work of development projects. Pollution has reached an alarming level in the Federal Capital due to massive construction works and vehicles travelling on unpaved routes.