ISLAMABAD - Having largest number among all the diplomatic missions in Pakistan, US has its 851 nationals including 554 diplomats in Pakistan enjoying diplomatic immunity. As many as 2,570 foreigners including 1919 appointed on diplomatic positions currently working in foreign missions of 78 countries in Pakistan, said State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar, in written reply of National Assembly (NA) during Question-Hour, on the question raised by Sajid Ahmed. The Minister said that US has 851 including 554 diplomats and 297 non-diplomats, which have diplomatic immunity. According to the US national details, 425 diplomats and 285 non-diplomats are in Islamabad. About 30 diplomats and only one non-diplomat in Lahore, 49 diplomats and three non-diplomats in Karachi and 50 diplomats and eight non-diplomats in Peshawar. The reply clearly reflects that US has nearly one third of total foreigners (2,570) working in foreign missions in Pakistan. The country wise detail revealed that in total 78 around half of the countries have zero non-diplomatic persons working in foreign missions in Pakistan. The Minister further said that 170 British nationals have right of diplomatic immunity out of which 167 are working on diplomatic positions and three are working on non-diplomatic posts. She said that out of 168 diplomats of Saudi Arabia 134 are diplomats and 34 are working on non-diplomatic posts. The number of officials came out as a list of foreign nationals holding diplomatic immunity further revealed that 60 including 57 diplomats from Afghanistan, 64 including 55 diplomats from Iran, 56 including 54 diplomats from Germany, 60 including 50 diplomats from France, 98 including 45 diplomats from Russia, 28 including 15 from Bangladesh, 15 including nine diplomats from Iraq, 22 diplomats from Australia, seven including five diplomats from Azerbaijan, four diplomats from Bahrain, two diplomats from Bosnia, four diplomats from Brunei, 30 including 15 diplomats from Egypt, 32 including 25 diplomats from Indonesia, 14 including 11 diplomats from Jordan, 18 including 14 from Kazakhstan, 19 including 14 diplomats from Kuwait, seven including five diplomats from Kyrgyzistan, 10 including nine diplomats from Libya, 16 including nine from Malaysia, two diplomats from Maldives, one diplomat from Mauritius, six including five diplomats from Morroco, 12 including 10 diplomats from Nigeria, 14 diplomats from Oman, six diplomats from Palestine, five diplomats from Qatar, nine diplomats from Sudan, 28 including 25 diplomats from Turkey, 32 diplomats from Turkmenistan (UAE), 87 diplomats from China and other have diplomatic immunity. Responding a question regarding evacuation of Pakistanis living in Libya,the Minister said that around 18,000 Pakistanis are living in Libya and Pakistan Embassy is in contact with them. 'Government is concerned about the security of citizen in Libya, she said ,adding, that all necessary arrangements would be made if some untoward situation erupted. To another question, she said that on the directives of Prime Minister the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted our Ambassadors to Egypt to make arrangements for evacuation of Pakistanis from Egypt. Two special PIA flights were booked for bringing the Pakistanis back home. Subsequently, she said that our mission proposed to delay the flights, as the demonstrations were peaceful by and large. The situation in the meantime, improved and Pakistanis in Egypt decided to stay back, she added.