LAHORE PML-Q Unification Bloc chief Dr Tahir Ali Javed has said the reaction of PPP on democratic decision of PML-N is highly deplorable and Babar Awan is violating the democratic norms by using indecent language. Reacting to the statement of Babar Awan, he said the so-called champion of democracy Babar Awan should know that acceding to the decision of majority was in fact democracy. He made it clear that if they had been a saleable commodity, they would have accepted the briefcase from Babar Awan and would have become ministers during the Governors rule. The same despondency is evident from Awan and can be seen following the failure of the Governors rule, which the masses can see themselves. For the continuity of democracy, PPP should shoulder responsibility, he opined in a DGPR-issued statement here on Friday. Dr Tahir further said those rejecting the decision of majority, were reflecting the dictatorial thinking.