Kassa Hills Marble Project has been initiated by Pakistan Army with the cooperation of Provincial Government and locals for social and economic development of Balochistan. It is worth mentioning that the Project is managed by a committee with representation of tribal elders and Government of Balochistan and it guarantees fair distribution of income amongst the members of Alizai Tribe also. Besides, the Army has initiated different projects in Balochistan. Sui Education City has been established and Military College Sui has been set up. Balochistan and Gwadar Institutes of Technical Education are managed by Pakistan Army. Presently 23,000 Baloch students are studying in Army and Frontier Corps run educational institutions. A hospital of 50 beds is being constructed at Sui under Armys supervision and with the support of Pakistan Petroleum Limited. 4000 young men from Balochsitan have recently joined various units of Pakistan Army thus contributing towards defence of the Motherland. Army is also assisting in provision of Sui Gas and water to the locals. Musharaf rule had done injustices to the people of Balochistan. The killing of Nawab Akber Bughti added much to their resentment. People of this area had reservations about the army but the army has done wonders in Balochistan. General Kiyani instead of fuelling their anger has addressed their grief and problems as he knows that use of force is not the solution to prevailing political problems. Economic development is the only solution of unrest as it would bridge differences, strengthen national bonds and weaken miscreants in Balochistan. People would as a consequence not take up arms but would join hands for development and prosperity of the country. We are spending 600 billions annually on the defence budget. Pakistan is facing economic crisis and funds for social sectors are not available. Army, being the subordinate organ of the government, with its resources and manpower can help in initiating different projects like agriculture, IT, industry, medical, engineering and education. Army can help government build schools, hospitals and roads etc. If new cantonments areas are built, it only would bring development and prosperity to the area. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, February 25.