ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Narcotics Control seized a huge volume of drugs worth Rs 458 million during last two years. Pakistan remains a major transit country for opiates and hashish grown in Afghanistan, which produces 90 percent of the world's supply of opium. Although no exact figure exists for the quantity of narcotics flowing across the Pakistan-Afghan border, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) estimates that 30 percent of illicit opiates exported from Afghanistan transit Pakistan en route to Iran, Western Europe, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, and East Asia. The drug seized during last two years includes 9335 Kg of Opium, 3456 Kg of Morphine, 1811 KG Heroin and 1,47,790 KG of Hashish. Authorities believe that Pakistan has been the highest seizures of narcotics in the world, which has also been appreciated by the international community. On the other hand, the country has only one specific force - Anti Narcotics Force - with a limited number of personal. "We have limited number of officers and men in Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) with a total strength of just 2,400 men, yet its achievements are marvellous," an official of ANF told The Nation on Friday. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan has an excellent record in seizing drugs, as it has maintained the top two positions on account of morphine's or heroin's seizure in the world since 2003. According to officials, the global market for illicit opiates is $ 65 billion, which is the higher number than the GDP of over 120 countries in the world. Around 80 per cent of the opiates are trafficked via Afghanistan borders with Pakistan and Iran at a total export value of $ 10.5 billion. Every year, about 3,500 tons of opium flow from Afghanistan to rest of the world. In Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia, opiates are the most prevalent drug. Europe has an estimated 3.4-4 million opiate users while the Russian Federation has the largest opiate-using population in Eastern Europe estimated at 1.68 million users.