RAPPER Eminem is the most 'liked living artist on Facebook. The controversial star beat zany starlet Lady Gaga to the top spot this week according to MSNBC gaining over 28,883,000 "likes" compared to 24-year-old Gagas 28,872,000. The rapper, real name Marshall Mathers, is presently averaging in excess of half a million "likes" per day as reported by Famecount and if he continues in this vein, he will surely overtake the late Michael Jackson as the most "liked" artist on Facebook. Eminem, 38, is currently averaging over half a million 'likes' a day, according to Famecount. At this rate, he will soon surpass Michael Jackson as the most 'liked' artist on Facebook, as the King of Pop currently sits at 29.1 million 'likes.' However, in the broader picture of social influence, Gaga is far ahead of Eminem in terms of Twitter followers, with over 5 million more followers than he; he also goes through long dark periods. And earlier this week, the rapper reached 1 billion plays on YouTube, making him only the third artist to pull off the achievement. CC