LAHORE JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan has exhorted the armed forces, national security institutions and law enforcement agencies to protect the citizens from the US terrorists, and search out the spies hiding in the US Consulates. Addressing participants of a sit-in organised by the JI at Qartba Chowk on Friday afternoon against the killing of three Pakistanis by Raymond Davis and to press for hanging the killer, he urged the state institutions to foil the US unholy designs against the country by rejecting Washingtons pressure tactics and temptations. Terming the rulers cowards and US slaves, Hasan deplored that President Zardari never uttered the name of Pakistans daughter Dr Aafia Siddiqui. He called upon the Punjab governor and the chief minister to register a case against the US Consul General for unlawfully protecting the criminals and its direct involvement in anti-state activities, adding the diplomat should be kept in custody until the vehicle that ran over Ibadur Rahman and the four armed terrorists traveling in it is produced. He said if the governor and the chief minister were unable to perform their duty, he himself would accomplish the task, and warned if the killers were not handed over to the nation the government alone would be responsible for the consequences. He said the rulers loved dollars and were even prepared to sell out their independence, sovereignty and honour. He said the nation was facing serious threats from the anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan terrorism unleashed by the US as Washington was out to punish Pakistan for its defeat in Afghanistan. He said the JI had repeatedly pointed out the presence of US terrorist organisations in the country but the rulers kept silent over it instead of nabbing the terrorists. However, he said, the situation had forced the masses to come on roads against the US and the rulers. He said the JIs Go America Go movement had now become the voice of every patriotic Pakistani as the US wanted to enforce its New World Order, especially in the Muslim countries through the IMF and the World Bank. JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch demanded the hanging of Raymond Davis at the Qartba Chowk where he killed youths. He saluted the heirs of victims for refusing to sell their blood. He said this was also a challenge for the parliament, the foreign ministry and the armed forces, and the killers should not be allowed to leave the country in any case. He clearly warned the rulers that if they took any unconstitutional or unlawful step in this regard, the Pakistani nation would make an example of them. Brothers of Ibadur Rahman, Faizan and Faheem also addressed the gathering that raised slogans against the US and the rulers, and demanded to hang the US killer. Saeed for hanging Davis: Jamat-ud-Dawa Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has urged the rulers not to bow before any pressure and plainly tell the US that no one has any immunity as per Islamic law. Delivering Friday sermon at Jamia Masjid Al-Qadsia, he said the killer of three citizens should be awarded exemplary punishment under the law of land. Hafiz Saeed said the entire nation wanted Raymond Davis to be hanged for his heinous crime. He urged the religious and political parties to start a movement against the possible release and extradition of Raymond Davis. He said the rulers should stop implementing the US agenda and learn a lesson from the upsurge in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.