LAHORE - Lord Nazir Ahmed, member of the UK Parliament, has said if the PPP-led government is serious in probing the assassination of Benazir Bhutto it should issue red warrants for Musharraf, and he (Lord Nazir) will make his extradition sure in collaboration with the British government. He expressed these views at Barwaqt Programme hosted by Salman Ghani on Friday. While answering a query about Raymond Davis, Lord Nazir said Davis himself had admitted that he was a contractor then why our government wanted to declare him a diplomat. We are fighting Americas war. If the US gets its relation worse with Pakistan on Davis issue, it has to face its consequences, he added. The British member of Parliament said Imran Khan was a bold leader. He should not be compared with Zulfikar Bhutto, he maintained. Pakistan Peoples Party had always been giving lame excuses for being unable to deliver after their regime is over, Lord Nazir said. The current political situation of the Middle East would not affect Pakistan, he opined. He said this was not the ideal time for the Army to take over as it was the only institution which had respect among the masses. He also lauded the services of Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir.