A WOMAN pulled from the rubble of the New Zealand earthquake has married her hero fianc just three days after he helped to rescue her. Emma Howard was left trapped in a tiny cavity between her office block's collapsed floors when the devastating quake struck on Tuesday. She managed to text fianc Chris Greenslade who raced across town to find her. He dug through the debris of her building, pulling others free as he tried to reach her, then helped direct the rescue crews that eventually found her. On Friday, Emma, who was determined not to let the horror stop her from marrying her sweetheart, wed Chris at a moving ceremony in Christchurch. After their vows they held their arms in the air in celebration at the against-all-odds escape that meant she could be there on her wedding day. Tragically the couple's wedding took place in a church just feet from a school hall where relatives of the 200-plus missing were told there was little chance of more survivors being found. Thankful Emma, 23, said she was lucky to be alive after becoming trapped in the Pyne Gould Corporation Building for more than six hours when the 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch. She said: "I'm so lucky I didn't get under my desk. My desk was crushed by the corner of the concrete ceiling above me that came down." The Sun